DC’s War of the Supermen Will be Fought in 100 Minutes!


DC have revealed some details of their upcoming War of the Supermen event mini-series, which will begin in May, and will be written by Sterling Gates and James Robinson.

The whole war will apparently take place in 100 minutes, because super-powered beings that fly fast, also wage war just as fast. Each issue will tell 25 minutes of the story, and the 4 issues will all be released in May, with one issue released each week. The story won’t just involve the residents of New Krypton, but the whole Superman family will be involved, including Superboy, Supergirl, Power Girl, Steel, and Krypto.

Superman Group Editor Matt Idelson also revealed that:

“The war between New Krypton and Earth has been the worst kept secret in comics the last several months. The number of mocking ‘Wouldn’t a world of supermen defeat Earth in five minutes?’ questions I’ve been assaulted with have undone years of therapy. Now, thank Freud, the time for secrets is over, as the two sides are finally going to war! And it’s going to last a lot longer than five minutes–100, to be exact, told in 25 minute increments. That doesn’t count the few minutes before the clock starts, in WAR OF THE SUPERMEN #0, our contribution to this year’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY. There, we’ll bring new readers up to speed on everything they really need to know, while hitting our regular loyalists with a tense tale the ending of which baps you between the eyes. Yay, war!

Jokes aside, this 100 minute thing made us realize that spreading the story over several months would kind of deaden the impact of the timeframe device, not to mention starting the war a month after #0. Besides, with five covers by Mr. Eddy Barrows, and Eddy being joined on this thing by the likes of Aaron Lopresti, Jamal Igle and Eduardo Pansica, why wait to put the issues out?”

DC also posted some in-progress Eddy Barrows War of the Supermen covers, along with the virgin artwork for the issue #0 cover:

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