Siege #1 Sells Out and Returns with Siege #1 Director’s Cut


From the Press release:

Siege Sells Out

Marvel is pleased to announce that Siege #1, Siege: Embedded #1, and Avengers: The Initiative #31 (the Siege Prologue tie in) have all sold out at Diamond (though copies may still be available at retail level). An event seven years in the making, Siege is shaking Marvel Universe to its very core! It all starts in Avengers: The Initiative #31, penned by Christos N. Gage and illustrated by Rafa Sandoval, when Norman Osborn recruits the newest member of the Cabal—Taskmaster! Then, in Siege #1, the superstar team of award winning writer Brian Michael Bendis and acclaimed artist Olivier Coipel bring readers the first phase of the massive war against Asgard! In Siege: Embedded #1, written by Brian Reed and penciled by Chris Samnee, readers are invited to view Siege from the perspective of journalists on both sides of the conflict!

Critics and fans agree—Siege is a hit!

Siege #1 works incredibly well, building off the layered tapestry Marvel has woven over the past several years while retaining focus and a sense of purpose that kicks off Marvel’s 2010 with style. I’m truly looking forward to what’s around the corner and what new developments this will lead to in the coming year.”—Richard George, IGN.Com

Siege thrives on the sheer pulp insanity of a lot of its concepts… thanks to Marvel’s commitment to crafting a coherent universe for its characters, signals the start of a major shift in its status quo.”- Benjamin Birdie, ComicBookResources.Com

“Coipel just knocks it out of the park… in terms of pacing and above all action, this is certainly my favorite Bendis-penned megaevent yet”—David Pepose, Newsarama.Com

Plus, don’t miss exclusive SIEGE high quality prints available at the Marvel Print Store ( from superstar artists such as Marko Djurdjevic, Simone Bianchi, Billy Tan and more!

If you missed out on Siege #1, be sure to keep an eye out for Siege #1: Director’s Cut in March! Also, be sure to check all orders on Siege #2 and the upcoming tie-ins as the series is sure to be a smash hit!

Please take note that Marvel is not offering a second print on SIEGE #1 and has no plans to go back to press on the other two titles.

Pencils & Cover by OLIVIER COIPEL
Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC—2/25/10, On-Sale—3/17/10

SIEGE #2 (DEC090432)
Pencils & Cover by OLIVIER COIPEL
Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC—1/14/10, On-Sale—2/3/10
Written by BRIAN REED
Penciled by CHRIS SAMNEE
Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC—1/14/10, On-Sale—2/3/10

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