Iron Man Fan Constructs Amazing Home-Made War Machine Armor!


Superherohype forum member Masterle247, has posted images of a home-made War Machine suit that he has designed.

Apparently he modeled the suit on Phil Saunders’ concept art for the Iron Man 2 movie, and also integrated some aspects from the newer version of the suit, as shown in the official movie posters and footage.

The suit is constructed out of high-impact urethane, and held together by over 600 rivets! The suit also features wrist rockets with lasers, a mini Gun, a movie accurate Arch reactor, and light-up replusor gauntlets.

The suit looks amazing, and this isn’t even the final design! If this is what a fan can do, the suit in the actually movie had better look REALLY damn good!

To see more pics, and find out the latest on Masterle247′s progress, click here.

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One Response to “Iron Man Fan Constructs Amazing Home-Made War Machine Armor!”
  1. keray says:

    hey, do you think you will be selling any of your ironman suits that you make? if so then let me now, i will be super happy if you would

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