In the January 2010 Zuda Comics Competition, Hypergeek Endorses War of the Woods!


Zuda Comics is a web imprint of DC Comics. Every month Zuda holds a competition where creators are invited to submit an eight-page strip, to be voted on by readers of the website. At the end of the competition period, the comic which wins the popular vote becomes a new ongoing series, and the creators are given a contract with Zuda Comics. See the full rules here.

Every month, I like to look through the competition entries, pick my favourite, and then encourage readers of this site to head over to Zuda and vote for that strip. This month however, I completely forgot to pick a favourite! It’s been a hectic month at Hypergeek central, in both the comic blogging world and the grim real world. There is only a couple of days left on the competition now, but better late than never, right?

This month there are several great entries in the contest, all by wonderfully talented writers and artists. It was an incredibly tough decision to choose who to vote for, but in the end I chose to go with War of the Woods, which is a strip written and illustrated by Matthew Petz.

War of the Woods is a tale of anthropomorphic woodland creatures whose world is turned upside down when one morning, strange flying objects appear in the skies above the forest. The otter family, and their friend Issac the turtle decide to power up the radio to see if there is anything on the news about the objects. The news makes mention of thousands of flying saucers spotted all over the globe. However, the radio battery soon wears out, and so they head over to Mr. Wisefeather the Owl’s house, because he has a TV, and rumour is that he’s about to turn it on! Once Mr. Wisefeather turns on the TV, their lives are changed forever, as the footage reveals that hostile alien lifeforms are invading the earth!

War of the Woods is currently ranking at number #1 in the Zuda charts, and I know it might seem a bit obvious to back the winner at this late date, but nothing is guaranteed, and this contest really could go any way! War of the Woods really is the best choice of them all though, and really stands out from the competition!

I love the premise  of the story, it’s sort of like Wind in the Willows meets War of the Worlds, and I’m really interested to see an alien invasion told through the eyes of woodland creatures. This first installment is well scripted, and paces itself nicely over it’s eight pages, leaving us on a tense cliffhanger, which really leaves readers wanting more! The artwork on the strip is absolutely divine and incredibly professional looking; it has a very children’s book look about it, which works really well for this tale. I’ve always been a sucker for anthropomorphic creatures, and two of my favourite comics from last year were Grandville and Beast of Burden.  This story just pushed all the right buttons for me, and I would love to see how the rest of the tale goes.

Therefore, I am endorsing War of the Woods in this month’s competition, and I urge you to follow this link, and vote on the comic to win.

Remember, voting closes at noon on Friday, January 30th, so make sure to hurry over and VOTE NOW!

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