Weekly Shipping list for Wed 10 September 2021


What, What, What?! A post? On Hypergeek? I thought it was dead?

Nope, I’ve just been superbusy!

When will we see a proper post from Edward “Hypergeek” Kaye????

Soon my child, soon. In fact, I intend to do a proper update this evening, when I get back from work. I will explain my lengthy absence then.

Does he feel like a dick from having one of those corpse blogs that float around on the web, like the flotsam and jetsam of good intentions?

Erm… I guess! You’re scaring me now, go away… on to the shipping list:

This is a general shipping list as sent out by Diamond Distribution to all stores in North America. Availability in your area may vary, so please check with your local comic store.

All data was provided courtesy of Chris Nolan and his Comic Books Beta Facebook application. Please hover over each title for information on the release:

[Ed note: If you are viewing this by email or with a reader, you will may not be able to see the above list, because it is compiled by JavaScript. Please click the link to the original post to see the full shipping list]

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