Fantagraphics Previews Dungeon Quest Book 2 by Joe Daly


Over on the FLOG blog, Fantagraphics are offering up a preview of Joe Daly’s Dungeon Quest 2. I’d actually forgotten that this book was coming out, otherwise I’d probably have included it in my list of essential purchases for 2011.

The first Dungeon Quest book was a hell of a fun read, and contained a heady blend of stoner philosophy and hardcore roleplaying action. It’s a bit like what you’d get if Kevin Smith reinvented Dungeons & Dragons!

See below for FB’s solicitation of the book, and a link to a 12-page preview of the title. Oh, and the preview has giant spiders, what more do you need to know?!


Dungeon Quest, Book 2
by Joe Daly

136-page black & white 6″ x 8.25″ softcover • $12.99
ISBN: 978-1-60699-436-8

Ships in: March 2011 (subject to change) — Pre-Order Now

Millennium Boy, Steve, Lash Penis, and Nerdgirl continue on their twin mystical quests to find the missing parts of the Atlantean Resonator Guitar, as well as to locate the prophet and poet Bromedes and return his borrowed penis sheath, in this second hilarious, violent, and rip-roaringly entertaining installment of Joe (The Red Monkey Double Happiness Book) Daly’s role-playing-game-inspired graphic novel series.

Fortified and empowered with a brand new collection of weapons and resources (including the magical Egyptian Book of Thoth, the Iron Crocodile badge, and the rectally transported Gliding Charger of the Eel), the valorous quartet must contend with river trolls, a leaf monster, glo-babies, and copious amounts of killer weed and serious blow.

Will they succeed in one or more of their noble quests? Or are the dice of fate loaded in their disfavor? You’ll have to read Dungeon Quest Book Two to find out!

Click here to see the 12-page preview, and to see a video preview of the book, head to

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