Well, it’s a little after Christmas, and I’m now sort of Hindu (long story), so let’s call it a very late Diwali miracle! YAY! Anyway, a variety of sources are now reporting that the Judge on the FOX vs. WB Watchmen distribution case, has ruled in favour of Fox. The Judge ruled that “Fox owns [...]

So said Pink Floyd in Money. Only, today… not so much. The World economy is in melt down, my new house’s value has dropped, food costs more, etc. etc. etc. Enough of this crap, how does this effect comic books???? Well, pretty bloody badly it seems, especially if you are a Canadian. This time last [...]

Well, it’s been a while since I last posted anything. As you may know from reading my blog, my mother has been very sick, as she was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. I thought that it would be polite to update the blog to let people know how she was doing, in case any of [...]