Marvel have just sent out a really strange, and quite hilarious, press release to retailers. It would seem that Marvel is offering retailers the opportunity to pick up copies of the extremely rare Siege #3 Deadpool Variant, but the way in which they can earn this special comic is quite unconventional.
Marvel are encouraging retailers to [...]

Earlier this week, Diamond Distribution released their sales charts for the Top 300 comic of November 2009.
November was the month in which DC ran their Blackest Night ‘free ring’ marketing campaign. The idea being that seven titles were released that month, and with each title, readers would receive a high-quality plastic ‘lantern corps’ ring. Each [...]

The following comic previews are for DC, Vertigo, and Wildstorm titles on sale Wednesday November 4th 2009.
Please click the the title below that you wish to preview. Once there, please click on the thumbnail images to launch the image viewer. Pictoview is recommended for easier image navigation.

DC Universe

Batman Confidential #36
Batman: The Unseen #3 (of [...]