Occasionally, Tharg permits some of his script & art droids to leave 2000 AD headquarters. In the Weekly Droid Watch, I’m going to be keeping an eye on what present and former droids have been up to this week. 2000 AD droids tend to go on to produce some of the most phenomenal U.S. comics, [...]

Defoe, Vol. 1: 1666 is trade paper back collection of the comic series of the same name published in the British science fiction anthology 2000 AD. Defoe is written by Pat Mills and has black & white inked artwork by Leigh Gallagher (who contrary to popular belief is a man).
This collection contains the first two [...]

About every six months, Tharg likes to clear the decks over at 2000 AD and create a jumping-on issue for new and returning readers. These issues usually contain the starting episodes of all new 10-part storylines from some of the best creators and droids on the 2000 AD roster. Prog 1650 is such a prog, [...]

As part of The Galaxy’s Greatest Content I intended to take a look at the current week’s Prog, and do a sort of featurette/review. As I am in North America, I am not able to go to the store and just pick up this week’s issue, as the North American releases always lag a few [...]