You want to contact me? Really? Oh please do, I’m ever so lonely

Well, there are several ways to do this:

  1. Email me at [email protected]
  2. Look me up on Twitter and send me a Tweet. I’m set up to view replies from strangers, and I read all messages. If you are more interesting than a brick, and are not trying to sell me real estate, then I might even follow you! I have two accounts, one where I just do Hypergeek blog updates and general comic chat, and my regular account, where I chat about all sorts of stuff, though on the personal account I am sometimes a little NSFW
  3. Find me on Facebook and send me a message or write on my wall. I’ll friend everyone and anyone who asks. In short, I’m a Facebook whore. Here is the link to my profile.
  4. There is a Hypergeek fan page on Facebook. Go join the legions of other fans and talk about just how awesome I am… or not.
  5. I have a physical address if you want to send me free comics and books. Contact me by email if you would like it. Please don’t send me anything gross.
  6. Phone, again, available by request. The sexier your voice the longer the chat time