Sunday, August 3, 2021

About Me

I am a 30 year old British Citizen living in Victoria, B.C. Canada.

I have an honours degree in Biology, and work as a Microbiologist. I am also a professionally trained musician, with a diploma from the Academy of Contemporary Music.

At Hypergeek, I discuss comic book news, review comics, and give my opinions on the industry in general. I am an aspiring writer of fiction, non-fiction, and comics. I am trying to write some proper stories and articles at the moment. This is why I started the blog, it is good writing practice, and keeps me aware of what is going on in the comic industry. Well, that, and I just love to talk about comics. If I talk about them to my wife any more I think she will divorce me, so you guys will have to suffer.

I am also very interested in amateur/professional photography. I shoot all sorts of subject matter, including portraiture, event photography, landscape photography, nature photography, and artistic photography. I shoot with a Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR, and a variety of professional lenses and flashes, which you can see here.

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